Pick up Pallets form a very central foundation for various use, especially in the industry of storage. This is often mostly because they can be used for the provision of a base that is stable and solid, hence can provide service for stacking up goods. In addition, the pallets can be used for the provision of a foundation base that are often used for the lifting of loads that are heavy. When used for lifting of the heavy goods, they are usually used mostly with forklifts. There are quite a number of pallets of different types, that you can buy. There are several pallets for sale sydney, so you can get to choose the one that best fits you, based on both your need and the budget you are willing to work with. Also, after buying, you will require to have them transported for you from the warehouse to your place. There are therefore quite a number of pallet pick up service that you can take advantage of.

No problem. You can take this concern off your list by having The Pallet Man retrieve the pallets for you. We have the trucks, the manpower, and the expertise to return those pallets to you far cheaper than if you tried to do it yourself.

Just call us, schedule a pick-up, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our repair service

Pallets, on the hole, are quite strong, and generally, last a long time. But never the less, when you through thousands of pounds of bricks or lumber on them, naturally, plenty of pallets get cracked and damaged.

However, pallets aren’t cheap, and a company can save thousands of dollars by having The Pallet Man’s expert reconditioners restore your pallets to as good as new for well less than half the price of buying a new pallet.

If you deal with a lot of pallets, you really need The Pallet Man’s reconditioning process to keep your pallet expenses down.


Your company may have pallets throughout the Sydney area. We can not only retrieve those pallets but then sort them out for you. We inspect each pallet, and given your approval, will then repair any damaged pallets before returning them to you.

And if some pallets are unsalvagable, we will gladly woodchip them for you to make a friendlier Sydney environment.

Once collected, your pallets are then stacked on our trucks and returned to your warehouse or factory for use